I’m Aditya Rawat.

I am a self-taught full-stack web developer and designer creating anything from small hackathon projects to complex, full-fledged applications. I work as a freelance web developer and have worked with various startups and companies. I am currently a senior attending high school in SoCal actively pursuing a future in computer science.

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Projects / Work

OnPoint v2.0 Logo

OnPoint v2.0

A platform for teenagers to create quality media about the modern world to educate and inform the public.

Sigmoid Hacks 1.0 Logo

Sigmoid Hacks 1.0

Machine Learning doesn’t have to be just another buzz word, make it real with Sigmoid Hacks!

Byte Logo


Reinventing how hackathons are run forever by making a more inclusive and rewarding experience and interface!

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I am always ecstatic to work with any startup, company, and/or agency

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