Hi. I'm Aditya Rawat

I started my programming journey way back in elementary school, initially diving into the world of software engineering. However, I found myself drawn to web development due to its visual appeal and practicality.

My early projects were small-scale, involving basic websites with limited functionality. Over time, I integrated software engineering principles to create more complex and interactive web applications with clear purposes.

As I continued learning and evolving, I connected with individuals who shared similar interests. These connections provided opportunities for skill expansion. Today, I've already embarked on projects with nonprofits, startups, and small companies, despite still being a student.

Despite my progress, the learning journey is ongoing. I'm constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and grow. Shifting from my web development origins, I'm now focused on becoming a skilled software engineer, specializing in designing intelligent and scalable software systems.

Beyond my core pursuits, I'm deeply intrigued by emerging technologies like AI, Web3, and Quantum Computing. I'm actively engaged in research and eager to contribute to the advancement of these fields. If you'd like to connect, feel free to reach out. I'm enthusiastic about networking and collaborating as I navigate through this exciting journey!

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