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The ultimate memorization tool for all students, merging spaced repeition with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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FRC Team 3476: Code Orange Logo

FRC Team 3476: Code Orange

Robotics team where I helped design and program the robot and design, develop, and maintain the team website and scouting system

Sigmoid Hacks 1.0 Logo

Sigmoid Hacks 1.0

Machine Learning doesnt have to be just another buzz word, make it real with Sigmoid Hacks!

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OnPoint v1.0 Logo

OnPoint v1.0

A platform for teenagers to create quality media about the modern world to educate and inform the public. v1.0

OnPoint v2.0 Logo

OnPoint v2.0


A platform for teenagers to create quality media about the modern world to educate and inform the public. v2.0

Aviato Logo


Pitching to funds directly anywhere, anytime. All it takes is two taps and a 1 minute video pitch.(Commissioned Project)

E-Commerce Template Logo

E-Commerce Template

Just a simple template for anyone trying to create an e-commerce site with Next.js, Sanity, and Stripe.

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Reinventing how hackathons are run forever by making a more inclusive and rewarding experience and interface!

Retina OCT Logo

Retina OCT


Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help doctors diagnose and treat patients with retinal diseases.

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Petz Care Logo

Petz Care


Nonprofit aiming to fill the gap within the animal care industry. We aim to create a platform to connect verified professionals with pet owners to provide them with professional online advice.

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Carbon (E)missions Logo

Carbon (E)missions

Project for Irvine Hacks 2020. A platform for users to track their carbon footprint from their vehicle use.

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COVID Central Logo

COVID Central

Project for Hack Quarantine 2020. A platform for users to learn about the COVID situation, both locally and globally.

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